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“The doctor and his assistants are very careful and meticulous in their treatment. They have the patient’s comfort at heart. The office staff members are polite and cheerful, and serve excellent coffee!!!”

“My last experience wasn’t very comfortable for me, but the job on my teeth was well done.”

“Good explanations of my dental problems.”

“Your staff is great. Donna is the best and Karen is great at explaining all along the way what is being done. The reception and billing staff are outstanding. I always have a pleasant experience when I go there.”

“My most memorable experience is that my daughter experiences extreme anxiety every time she has to go to the dentist. But, the team in Dr. Klein’s office has always been very kind and makes every effort to make her feel comfortable while she is there. She still hates going to the dentist, but does not suffer from the extreme anxiety she had previously.”

“I truly appreciate the ladies that meet and greet in the front. They are positive when making appointments, when changing appointments, and as you leave with a numb mouth. Hats off to them, it is probably the true reason we return.”

“I chose not to have x-rays this time because my insurance would not pay for them but Dr. Klein saw a problem and did an x-ray free of charge. Thanks!”

“All the staff at the Dental Boutique are very friendly and helpful.”

“I had my first parafin wax treatment while having crowns put on. How amazing is that? My hands felt so silky smooth after words. The massage chair really took the edge off my nervousness. Just love the idea of a spa at the dentist!!”

“I was referred to Dr. Klein’s office by my mother and I am very impressed with the quality of work they do and the state-of-the-art facility. Dr. Klein and his staff are very thorough with their procedures and explanations upon completion. I used to dread going to the dentist, but this facility and staff has made me smile, and my teeth are doing great :-)”

“I had veneers done on five of my teeth, they look wonderful, I get alot of complements on my teeth. The office staff is great and Dr. Klein is a perfectionist.”

“I love your office and think you all do a great job!”

“You guys have the BEST staff possible…! feel completely at home when I am in the office…that is huge for me. It makes going to the dentist enjoyable! Thanks for my continued great experiences!!”

“I had 4 crowns done about 2 yrs. ago. Three of the 4 crowns came off unexpectedly. Dr. Klein figured out the reason why it happened, replaced the crowns at no cost, and even came in on his off time to place a temporary crown. The office staff and Dr. Klein go out of their way to accommodate their clients!”

“Always making sure I’m comfortable, & ok – (cause I’m a baby when it comes to any pain) Thanks.”

“Not having any pain during or post procedures.”

“Everyone was friendly and polite and every procedure was clearly and fully explained to me. I was totally comfortable the entire time I was at the office.”

“The entire staff has always been friendly and helpful and creates a very relaxed atmosphere. Directions for follow-up treatment are clear. I have been very pleased with the restorations that Dr. Klein has done and have confidence in his skills as a dental practitioner. As a former assistant, I am always amazed at how much dentistry has changed since the 70’s when I practiced.”

“Your office is what makes Frankfort such a great place. The Doctor and his staff make this such a great place!”

“The location and staff are the best!”

“I was completely dreading having my fillings replaced, but was put to ease by everyone at the Dental Boutique. Another really, really helpful thing was the option to listen to my favorite music with head phones to drown out the sounds. It really helped.”

“Can’t say just one. It’s the way everyone there make every patient feel like we are your most important patient and you really do care.”

“From a positive perspective, your team is very friendly and professional and the treatment I’ve received has been very good.”

“Everyone is so friendly and they always think about ME Thanks for the great care.”

“I recently had four filling and they were the easiest fillings I have ever had in my life. It never hurt at all. The Dr and his staff made me feel comfortable, and helped to calm me down when I got anxious. They put me at ease because it is clear they know what they are doing and go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service. (Please feel free to use this an or the one above as a quote. Thank you! Jen Krerowicz).”

“When I got my first treatment plan I was freaked and got all teary and Doreen made me feel so much better…she was so nice and understanding…I will never forget that!!”